Passport To Go

The aim of this project is to support unemployed people with training opportunities to increase their chances of employment. This may be to get back into work after a long period, to move from part-time to full-time work, or to support a change of career which will improve their standard of living.

Funding is made available to those who do not have the means to pay for courses themselves. Course costs are covered/part-covered by the project, depending on the fees, with a contribution from the unemployed person if circumstances allow it.

There is also an emphasis on promoting volunteering and its benefits for the unemployed.

The regularly available courses are:

Basic IT – for anyone who has had little or no experience of using a computer. Office ‘Word’ – for those with some practical knowledge who want to be able to produce letters, send mail outs etc. (both Basic and Further Word courses) ‘Excel’ – for those wanting to be able to create spread sheets, format data, create graphs etc.

Basic First Aid – one day course, including life-saving.

Food Hygiene – Level 2

Customer Service Training – dealing with the general public – managing confrontation etc. Useful for the retail trade

Assertiveness Training – get your point across without being aggressive! Learn how to say ‘no’!

CSCS Card – Theory Practise and Test and card.

We also consider part funding or funding other courses for people who require more specific training to get into a particular area of work.

We work in partnership with Dacorum Community Trust in particular, who will also consider part-funding some courses.

An example of courses we have provided funding for:

Teaching Assistant, Diploma in Public Service Interpreting, PTLLS courses, Railway Track Safety Refresher course, HIAB Test certificate(Diggers, Dumper Trucks, etc)

Transforming lives through volunteering