How to register

How to register your organisation for the 6 Point Promise:

  1. Register your organisation for the Valuing Volunteer Management 6 point promise with Volunteer Centre Dacorum by calling on 01442 247209 or email us.
  2. Complete the 6 point promise checklist.  This is available from Volunteer Centre Dacorum or from the website at
  3. Discuss any queries regarding the checklist with Volunteer Centre Dacorum.  We have template documents available and a Volunteer Management toolkit to assist you.  We are also available for 1:1 help and support.
  4. On completion of the 6 Point Promise Checklist send it in with your Volunteering Policy, or advise of amendments to be made and forward it on when completed.
  5. Your checklist and Volunteering Policy will be reviewed.  If any amendments are required your will be notified of them, with the expectation that they will be made to your policy.
  6. Once your policy has been reviewed and you achieve the 6 Point Promise, your organisation will be awarded the 6 Point Promise and there would be a photo opportunity!  We would like to have a photograph of your organisation receiving your certificate to put onto our website and facebook page.
  7. Your organisation name will be added to the list of Organisations that have achieved the 6 Point Promise on the Volunteering Herts website, Click here.

Volunteer Centre Dacorum are here to help you achieve the 6 Point Promise.  As an organisation as long as you have made a commitment to attaining to the 6 Point Promise and achieve it within 18 months of your start date, you will be able to advertise your volunteering opportunities, have them shared with other Volunteer Centres in Hertfordshire and have your volunteering opportunities advertised in the local paper.

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