Getting started

The most difficult part can be taking the first step, but once you get started you will probably continue volunteering at times throughout your life. How often the Volunteer Centre hears “I’ve been meaning to volunteer for ages”. Don’t wait any longer – you can get started today!
But its worth thinking through a few issues and considering your options before jumping in.

  • Think about what you can offer to an organisation – particular skills, enthusiasm?
  • Decide how much time you want to give
  • If you use a Volunteer Centre’s services to find your ideal opportunity, you will be given lots of information from which you can make your choice. But before contacting a Volunteer Centre, it’s worth thinking about why you want to volunteer? Finding the right opportunity is much easier once you have decided why you want to get involved.
  • Look in your local paper – news about the activities of local charities will help you decide which one might fit with your interests.
  • Ask lots of questions – both at the Volunteer Centre and when you visit your chosen organisation. Make sure you understand what is expected of you.

Please fell free to Contact Us to register as a volunteer and if you would like any further information, support or guidance.

Looking to Get a Team Together?

VCD are in touch with a number of local groups that need help with practical tasks. We can help you to organise a great team building experience for a nominal fee. Contact us for details.


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