What we do

Known as the charity that helps other charities and with a track record of helping to build and strengthen our local communities and transforming the lives of those who get involved, Volunteer Centre Dacorum (VCD) has been supporting other charities and community groups for more than 40 years by linking individuals and groups of people wishing to volunteer with non-profit organisations needing help from volunteers.

We are proud to help more than 470 other local groups to find the volunteers they need to keep vital services running.  Our member organisations tell us that without our assistance they would struggle to find the volunteer helpers they need, some might even have to close down.  In the last ten years we have helped over 10,700 people of all ages, abilities and walks of life to become volunteers.  When we are asked the question “who volunteers?” we can state with confidence that volunteering is for everyone.

At VCD we also play a key role in the strategic development of volunteering, both locally, regionally and countywide. We are active participants in the Volunteering Herts Network http://www.volunteeringherts.org.uk/ where our Chief Executive, Richard Pitts, is Co-Chair.  Locally we work closely with Community Action Dacorum http://www.communityactiondacorum.org and we are members of Dacortium http://www.dacortium.org.uk.  With Community Action Dacorum we are partners in Support4Dacorum, the new Hemel Hempstead based service providing support for voluntary and community groups based in and serving the Borough of Dacorum.   We are also working to successfully develop links and relations with other organisations and companies in the Dacorum area.

Please look further at our website or call us on 01442 247209 or 214734 or email us at info@volunteerdacorum.org to find out more about what we do – whether you are keen to volunteer, work for an organisation needing volunteers or are generally interested in our work and role in the community.  We would love to hear from you!

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Transforming lives through volunteering